Friday, July 15, 2011

A guide on Law for clothes factory in Vietnam

To help clothes factory Vietnam with necessary information on Laws of garment industry, recently the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs announced a book named "Guide to Vietnamese Labour Law for the Garment Industry". The book mainly aims at managers and workers of clothes factory in Vietnam, also legal officers in the garment industry.
The book comprised of 10 chapters, with the following content about minimum working age in a clothes factory in Vietnam, the trade union, collective bargaining agreements, labor disputes, discrimination, forced labor, wages and benefits, contracts and human resources, occupational health & safety, working hours and rest time suggested for each clothes factory in Vietnam.
With the presentation of this book, every manager and worker in every clothes factory in Vietnam will be prepared with more understandings about their responsibilities as well as their benefits in their current working conditions. Understanding the law is one of the essential criteria which could enhance the production capacity of a clothes factory in Vietnam since every worker should be clear about what they are supposed to do, what job perks they are given to, what are their responsibilities and what is against the law they are facing with.
A special point of this book is that it is written in simple language and provided with case studies that makes it easier for the targeted reader, namely workers in clothes factory in Vietnam to grasp the main idea and apply it in the right situation.
You can download the English Version of the book from the following link:

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